About Me

    Jose L Centti

    Real Estate Broker
    One of the must trusted Realtors in the industry!


    Jose Centti is a resident of Queens, married with three daughters, two sons, and a grandfather of three grandkids.

    He has an associate degree in Office Technologies and Accounting, and a bachelor’s degree in Science of Business Management and Administration.

    He’s been licensed and dedicated to the real estate industry for more than 30 years.

    He owns and operates America Real Estate for about 28 years.

    By putting his knowledge to work, Jose Centti has achieved great success in both residential and commercial real estate agreements offering his clients unique opportunity to choose among a variety of choice locations and options before they proceed to contract.

    After many years of producing, Jose ventured on his own and established AMERICA REAL ESTATE, putting together a staff of professional and innovative real estate experts.

    He is a personable and eager individual who will work to achieve your goal of securing the highest possible market return, introducing your property in its more favorable light. Jose will redefine each property with a view toward obtaining the maximum value for it. His clients all agree that he is relentless in his pursuit of your desires and needs. It will be beyond your wildest expectations when he offers you a wide variety of choice and options for your picture perfect home.